General Information

Most of the land parcels that Tecoma Valley Land Company offers for sale are within 15 miles of the town sites of Montello and Tecoma, Nevada. Montello is located on Nevada Route 233 and the Union Pacific Railway (originally the Central Pacific, the first transcontinental railroad). In days gone by, Montello was a bustling railroad town of almost 1,000 people and was a supply and shipping center for area mines and cattle ranches. Today Montello (A Paiute indian word denoting “rest” say some historians while others claim that it is an abbreviated name of the birthplace of an 1860’s Italian railroad man. Who knows for sure?) is a tree shaded quiet little town of about 150 people, a post office, modern grade school, a grocery store, two cafes, a motel and an automotive repair shop. It still serves the area ranches and working cowboys can be seen on cattle drives in the surrounding valleys during the spring and fall. Tecoma townsite dates back to the 1870’s and was a shipping point for the area mines and cattle ranchers in Utah and Idaho. All that remains of Tecoma are a few foundations of the rail station, hotels and saloons and some ghostly memories.

Some items of importance that you should be aware of before purchasing land in the sparsely populated areas of northeast Nevada. The open spaces and isolation that you may be searching for are the very things that cause difficulty in building a suitable home. Power and telephone lines are few and far between, however cell phone service is available in most of the area. Water must be obtained by well drilling, and distances to most services are considerable. Unpaved access roads can be difficult to traverse in wet or snowy weather. Many areas of the state are overlaid by military operating areas or restricted areas. This means that low flying, fast moving jet aircraft may overfly your home. However, after all is said about the disadvantages of this life-style many people, myself included, find the vast expanses of open country uncluttered by most of the problems that exist in our cities to be to our liking. Just be aware that there are many scam artists selling land in northeast Nevada. They show pictures of land with trees and water that are miles from the land that they have for sale. They tell of easy access that does not exist in reality. They talk of towns and casinos as though they adjoin the property for sale when in actuality they may be 50 miles distant! Do a thorough check before you purchase any land in Nevada.